SMS Campaign Process

How The SMS Campaign Process Works

1. Target Your Geographical Campaign Market
Pick your target by  geographical market; area code and city. We provide 100% of the mobile phone numbers, so your text message will reach over 90% of your market..

2. Prepare Your SMS Mobile Message
With the Bulk SMS Software prepare an effective outgoing SMS message that gives an introduction,

For best results, offer a powerful incentive in the form of an…

  1. Exclusive offer
  2. Freebie
  3. Coupon
  4. Discount

The right incentive will make all the difference in the world

 Optional (call to action link to your website or landing page and a coupon code) At he end of your message Type STOP to be removed.

3. Message Deliverability
Schedule your SMS messages for the days and weeks you want the messages to go out. Test how many you send out per day, start with 500. Messages are sent between the hours of 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM Monday through Saturday. Each message is sent using through the Bulk SMS Sender Software guaranteeing maximum deliverability and maximum exposure.

4. Our Guarantee
Our objective and guarantee is to give you maximum exposure to your market!

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