Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What Will I Receive When I Purchase a Mobile Number List?

You will receive a instant download of the file of mobile numbers in the geographical area you purchased, excel format. You will have access to every mobile number in a city or area code, including 3 downloads, and the ability to target geographically. 


How Many Mobile Numbers Are Included With My Area Code Purchase?

For a estimated count of how many mobile numbers each City or Area Code includes visit our product List section


Do You Provide Personal Information On The Mobile Subscribers?

We do not provide any demographic or personal information on the mobile subscribers including subscriber name or address. It is illegal to provide personal subscriber information without the written consent of each mobile subscriber, however it is perfectly legal to sell mobile numbers without personal subscriber information.


Do You Provide Opt-In Lists?

Be Careful of List Companies Offering "Opt-In" Lists. There Is No Such List. There are list companies that will try to sell you opt-in lists with personal information about the mobile subscriber, but this practice is illegal. Opt-in lists are only created when a consumer opts-in (gives permission) for a specific offer.

For Example: If a person walked into a Pizza Shop and decided to opt-in for the Pizza weekly specials then that person gave specific permission for the Pizza Shop to send them offers, however that person DID NOT give the Pizza Shop permission to sell their personal information to list companies, nor did they give list companies permission to sell their information to marketers as an opt-in list. It is however perfectly legal for a list company to sell mobile numbers without personal subscriber information.


What Format Do The Mobile Lists Come In?

The mobile numbers are available to download in excel file. These formats can easily be imported into any database, spreadsheet, TXT and CSV formats, or other programs that are Bulk SMS Sender Software. The mobile numbers can also be used as a predictive dialer calling list.


Are The Lists Scrubbed?

NO.  A variety of scrubbings tools can be found online that easily allow you to scrub your list against the National Do Not Call List.


How Many Records Are Currently In Your Database?

We strive to offer the most expansive and accurate mobile list anywhere. Currently our USA & Canadian database contains over 365,830,000 records.


How Are The Mobile Cell Phone Numbers Obtained?

Our mobile numbers are accumulated through various methods, including in-house on-going research, wireless telecom companies, private business sector. Our main database was originally created, designed and maintained for political candidates’ SMS message campaigns.


Do You Offer A Canadian Database?

Yes! We 518 Cities and 38 Area Codes covering all of Canada.  Puerto Rico, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands & the Virgin Islands  are also covered. The price for any mobile area code list is very from $5.00 to $145.00 per area code. The price for any mobile City list is very from $5.00 to $115.00 per city.


Do You Provide Mobile Delivery Software?

Yes! We list different software publishers and hardware links. Also messaging apps that you can use.  Our lists can also be used for Ringless Voicemail Drops, and online predictive dialers.


What is a Bulk SMS Sender Software?

The Bulk SMS Sender Software is a direct gateway using a USB modem and SIM card. All SMS messages sent to active mobile numbers are delivered with no issues.


What Payment Options Are Available?

We accept Visa, MasterCard and  PayPal. Once you purchase your account will be instantly download your city or area code product.


Do You Offer Refunds?

Due to the nature of our product, once an product has been downloaded we do not provide any refunds.

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